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Smart Home Design

Cool technology, shouldn't be hard to use...

Our homes are getting more and more complicated, but better technology doesn't necessarily mean better living. How can a house be considered "smart" if the various systems don't talk to one another?

Imagine a home theater that takes care of lights, picture and sound with one touch. A door that can tell you when your teenager gets home. A sprinkler system that knows the weather forecast, and a garage door that remembers to close itself if left open for too long.

This is the way smart homes are supposed to be. With Control4, everything works together the way you want it to. Life is just better with a little more control.

Audio Video Unlimited makes technology simple by combining a complete line of affordable Wireless Home Automation products by Apple, SONOS and Control4. These systems can be customized to virtually any home or need and can often be installed in just a few hours, without extensive wiring or remodeling.

Live greener by using less energy and enhance your lifestyle. Innovative products and AVU's certified Design and Installation professionals bring it all home.

Wireless home networking now makes enjoying a world of unlimited digital Music, Movies and Television, controlling and automating indoor and outdoor lighting, adjusting your thermostat, and controlling other household subsystems from anywhere in your home, or even while you're away from home, easier than ever.

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